Welcome to my website!

Things I care about:

cats, editing, tea, art, books, montage, taking baths, cinema, equal rights, online & offline privacy, the fabric of the universe, legalisation, hair, texture & materiality, music, questioning what’s real, challenging what’s fake, phone’s charged to 100%, typography, my family, aliens, detail, friendship, cooking, dancing, Pasha, my plants, fresh air, boredom.
If you care about these things too, that’s cool.

I am inspired by a continuing sequence of experiences, people I met, books I read, movies I saw, art I liked and the music I listen to.

My name is Marina Economidou, currently in London, Planet Earth, I hope you enjoy your stay!


I was born in Cyprus, raised in Israel, and lived most of my life in-between these two points; geographically, culturally, religiously, and with two languages.

Having graduated from the Shenkar Design and Art College in Tel Aviv (BFA in multidisciplinary art, 2014), I then continued my studies in London, recently graduating (2020) from the Graphic Communication Design course (BA (Hons) Graphic Communication Design) at Central Saint Martins.