2. intra

timelessness | liminal space | collective memory | mystery | suspense
Wait for something, anything. Good luck

‘intra’: within / during / between Layer of

A liminal space is usually empty, it can be referred to as a threshold or a transitional space; giving the feeling of something being ‘off’. That feeling was the basis for this work.

Imagine a film that uses only moments between happenings, a space where you are constantly waiting for something to happen and are kept in a constant state of anticipation.

Many of the scenes used in ‘intra’ were sampled from comedies and dramas, not from horror films. It is the placement of these scenes — their new context, the pace, the sound and the visual of liminality which created the impending feeling of eeriness and suspense that we usually experience while watching thrillers.

The tension is a result of the viewer’s own imagination and expectations, based on their experiences and memories.